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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Impetus for 100 Words

Robert @ $30 a week habit provided 5 free cards for a team of your choice. Now for all those who entered, he would like us to write 100 word post on them and be entered into a draw.. As seen below, the envelope and team bag were slit open.. Thankfully, all arrived safely, in all their glory.

71/72 OPC # 43--Face-Off's Billy Duke

91/92 OPC # 79--Captain Crunch

04/05 UD BD # 143--The Eagle

06/07 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion # 182--Bryan McKlutz

15/16 OPC # 405--Nazeem the Dream

That's all she wrote.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

National Hockey Card Day (belatedly)

Hello loyal readers, the few that I have left. You've probably noticed that my posting has been nearly negligible. In Novemnber 2016, my wife and I received our status as a NFP Incorporation. You can find out more hereHearts to Homes Feline Rescue and Sanctuary.

We had been doing this for a year but on our own. This is almost like another fulltime job and keeps me pretty busy. But thats not what you're here for. Saturday February 18 2017 was the annual NHCD here in Canada. I was occupied and couldn't get away in time to my LCS. However, my daughter was staying with us that day so I had her go to Toys R Us and see if she could pick me up the card sheets that were available. She was able to pick up these.

I'm not aware of how many different sheets there are but the complete 15 card set can be found on the first 4 sheets pictured.
 She looked at the checklist but couldn't find CAN-16, CAN-CM, CAN-KC or CAN-ON. She felt kind of bummed out about that. She felt a lot lot better when I explained they weren't available on the sheets.

I'm still collecting and reading all my favourite blogs.

And miraculousy, I'll have another post in the next day or two.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Two out of three ain't bad

Don't be sad. Cause two out of three ain't bad. I'm referring to the incarnation of Toronto's Kid line of  Rocky Ray Saganiuk, John Murray Anderson and Lawrence Joseph Boschman. I recently picked up this autographed Sherwood PMPS left handed stick.
Near the knob is this black ink autograph of Rocky Saganiuk.

Under the D in Sherwood is a blue ink autograph of John Anderson, which has faded badly.

And getting progressively worse, the invisible (no autograph) of Laurie Boschman.
Brings back memories of that Leafs team. From Punch Imlach being brought back as coach, the trading of Lanny McDonald and Tiger Williams and bringing back Carl Brewer, the soap opera that was named Ballard was in full effect. Never a dull moment.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

NHL Alumni Tour 2016-Brantford-25 years old

Long time, no post. Last night was the annual NHL Alumni Tour in support of the Torch Run.

Here's the autographs I obtained in person.

I had Mark LaForest sign this wire photo for my collection. He remembered that I gave him one last year and said he still had it in a good place. I guess when you played 25 games for the Leafs, there aren't too many photos available.

Mike Krushelnyski  86/87 OPC # 193 and 85/86 OPC # 49

Dave "Tiger" Williams 86/87 OPC # 6 and 80/81 OPC # 105

Owen Nolan 90/91 ProSet #401 and 90/91 Upper Deck #352

Dave Andreychuk signed wire photo

Dave Andreychuk 90/91 Upper Deck # 41
Bryan Muir-CIC 

At last, got the last autograph to finish off this Leaf Alumni poster. You can read here when I received the poster and the one autograph I was missing.

All in all, a very productive night. Nolan and Andreychuk were new this year so hopefully they'll be back next year. Here's the link to the rest of this year's tour.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hockey Night in Brantford 2016

Last night was the fifth annual Hockey Night in Brantford game. Proceeds will benefit the Arnold Anderson Sports Fund Charity, which promotes the physical, mental and social development of financially disadvantaged children by providing financial sports grants to eligible families. You can read the background in the Press Release here. This year they actually had posters printed up and a set roster of autograph signer.

Not a great job by me cropping this photo but you get the idea. In addition to this, I got some 4 x 6 photos signed that I brought.

Got this signed between periods. I was late getting there and when I walked in the door to the rink, Adam was standing there signing autographs.

Zac commented that he had never seen this Buffalo shot before.

Wished Brandon best of luck and hope he has a breakout season.

I always thought Laura was bigger than she actually is. I guess most times I've seen her, she's been in uniform and all those pads give an illusion of size.

They raised $72000 and everyone had a great time. Waiting for next year.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Didn't have to wait till next year

I recently won at a contest at P-Town Tom's blog Waiting 'til Next Year. He tailored the package to my team (Blue Jays). I knew it was going to be good when I saw this.

Something happened to the scan of the note Tom sent but it was the back that got my attention. I'd seen where he uses calendar pages for these notes. But that happened to be my birthdate. What a coincidence. The card at the top was one of the great cards I received. Here are the rest.

Great additions to my ever growing Blue Jays collection. Because of the postal situation, I asked Tom to hold off on sending the cards. After a week, I told Tom to send them as things were still up in the air. Lo and behold, he sent them on a Saturday and I received them on Thursday. I've had things take up to two weeks to make it up here in Canada. Thanks again Tom for the contest and understanding.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

"Cause I try and I try and I try and I try

Stealing Home at All Trade Bait All The Time had a 100,000 views contest and wonder of wonders, Mr. Randomizer selected me. I received my prize winnings on Wednesday of this week. Since I'm located in Canada, the package was tailored for Blue Jays. I'm glad as I'm slowly working on picking up these cards. Let's take a look at what I received..

2016 Topps Opening Day # 22 Roberto Osuna
    2016 Topps # 121 Roberto Osuna
      2016 Topps # 343 Drew Hutchison
2016 Topps # 182 Kevin Pillar
   2016Topps # 74 Troy Tulowitzki
     2016 Topps # 162 League Leaders
2016 Topps # 349 Ben Revere

2013 Topps  # 525 J.P. Arencibia
2014 Topps Update  FF-OV-Omar Visquel
2013 Topps  # 468 Anthony Gose

1986 Topps  # 386 Cecil Fielder RC
1988Topps  Tom Henke # 396
1990 Best Woody Williams # 210
2016 Topps Heritage Aaron Sanchez # 416

2015 Topps  Kendall Graveman # 14 RC
2015 Topps  Daniel Norris  # 217 RC
2015 Topps  Jose Bautista # 25
1993  Upper Deck  Todd Stottlemyer # 413

93/94 Pinnacle Nifty Fifty # 2
with my fantastic scanning skills in evidence, an upside down Toronto Maple Leafs pin.
In an earlier e-mail correspondence, it was noted I was a hockey fan and something would be sent to cover that.

Thanks again Stealing Home for the contest. I got Satisfaction out of this package.
Glad I didn't have Sticky Fingers when I opened it.